The Anlong Veng Peace Tours

Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.

— Albert Einstein

The Anlong Veng Peace Center, Cambodia

Over the next four years, Dr. Ly-Sok Kheang and colleagues from the Documentation Centre of Cambodia (DC-Cam) will be working with Dr. Peter Manning (University of Bath) to explore intergenerational memory within the context of peace and reconciliation in Cambodia.

Their work will focus in particular on DC-Cam’s existing Anlong Veng Peace and Human Rights Tours, a programme “designed to promote inter-personal and inter-community dialogue as part of [DC-Cam’s] larger objectives of promoting memory, peace and reconciliation. Students of various majors and backgrounds, regardless of victims or perpetrators’ sides, are selected and trained to partake in this community-based reconciliation project of the Anlong Veng Peace Center” (DC-Cam).

Considered the last stronghold of the Khmer Rouge Movement, Anlong Veng has become an important site for DC-Cam to develop their work in creating spaces for memory, justice and healing in Cambodia.

October 2017 Anlong Veng Peace and Human Rights Study Tour

From October 18-21, 2017, a new round of the Anlong Veng Peace and Human Rights Study Tour began with 15 university and Anlong Veng high school students participating. Over 4 days, the group were involved in a range of activities – from walking tours of key historical sites, to group discussions at the Anlong Veng Peace Centre, as well as time spent collecting and listening to the histories of older generations of local residents in and around the town of Anlong Veng.

A survivor sharing his personal story through the KR regime


Students interviewing people

This visual blog provides an overview of the activities that were facilitated, the young people who took part, and the discussions and learning that took place.

“The start of this Canadian-funded project took place during Cambodia’s annual recollection of the October 1991 Paris Peace Agreement (Peace Agreement). Today, this agreement’s validation is debated. It was supposed to be the official end of Cambodia’s chronic conflicts. However, this has not been achieved. This year marks 19 years (1998-2017) since Cambodians could have realized peace. Peace, in this context, refers to the absence of violent conflict” (DC-Cam).

More information about the work of DC-Cam and the history of Anlong Veng

To find out more about the Anlong Veng Peace Tours watch this short video:


To read more about the history of Anlong Veng Community, you can download this e-book by DC-Cam: A History of the Anlong Veng Community: The Last Stronghold of the Khmer Rouge Movement (2006, Dy Khamboly, Christopher Dearing. Phnom Penh: Sleuk Rith Institute/Documentation Centre of Cambodia and the Ministry of Tourism).