Um Pouco de Tudo, Talvez / A Little of Everything, Perhaps

Film co-produced by and starring Alana Cristina Alencar, Bianca Silva de Freitas, Isabela Sousa Silva, Natalia Gomes de Andrade Silva, and Yhandra Larice Da Silva

This month for #YoungChangemakers, to celebrate International Women’s Day, we are sharing a short film made by five inspirational young women from the small city of Codó, in the North-Eastern state of Maranhao in Brazil -Alana, Bianca, Isabela, Natalia, and Yhandra.

This film is the result of a participatory video project that took place as part of the University of Leeds AHRC GCRF project “Troubling the National Brand and Voicing Hidden Histories”.

In Brazil, Prof. Stephanie Dennison and Inés Soria-Turner from the Centre for World Cinemas & Digital Cultures worked with Prof. Gilberto Sobrinho (Universidade do Campinas, Brasil and Grupo Pindorama) and Viviana Santiago and her team at Plan International Brasil to organise two week-long workshops with a group of young women aged 16-18 from Codó.

This film is the result of the encounter, and the message that the girls wanted to share with the wider world about their life, their challenges, their hopes and aspirations.


To find out more about the project, and it sister-projects in India and South Africa, you can visit the Voicing Hidden Histories Yarn page:

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