New Project: Developing Youth Leadership for More Peaceful and Inclusive Societies in Post-Conflict Countries

A University of Leeds-led project to consolidate, embed and expand the learning from Changing the Story’s Phase One project The Changemakers (South Africa) to new and existing contexts across Africa has been awarded Quality-related research funding by Research England.

Developing Youth Leadership for More Peaceful and Inclusive Societies in Post-Conflict Countries is a continuation of a longstanding collaboration between the University of Leeds and the Johannesburg Holocaust and Genocide Centre (JHGC). The project led by Principal Investigator Prof Stuart Taberner (University of Leeds) and developed and managed by Tali Nates and Mduduzi Ntuli (JHGC) will build on an evaluation of the Changemakers programme conducted during the original Changing the Story Phase 1 project.

The Changemakers programme is an educational programme initiated by the South African Holocaust and Genocide Centre which draws on historical trauma to encourage new generations of young people to become leaders of change. The newly funded project seeks to implement the recommendations of the original project evaluation in South Africa and Rwanda where the programme has already been rolled out, and in two new contexts: Namibia and Kenya. The project will train cohorts of trainers to adapt and deliver the Changemakers programme in the four countries, embedding the programme within local education systems. It also adds a second element by working with local educators in each context to build their capacity to conduct independent enquiries into their local histories so that they can create new, context-specific content.

The ambition is to develop young people as active citizens better equipped to engage in not just peacebuilding – promoting tolerance and inclusivity within their communities – but across a range of developing challenges deriving from the Sustainable Development Goals.

More information about international funding opportunities can be found here.

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