Community Engagement for Antimicrobial Resistance launch their website!

The CE4AMR network meeting in Nepal, June 2019. Credit: HERD International

January 2020 sees the launch of the CE4AMR website, an online space for the Community Engagement for Antimicrobial Resistance (CE4AMR) network. We are a global gathering of researchers and practitioners who use, or are interested in using, community engagement – in particular participatory and creative approaches – to tackle Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs).

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR), sometimes referred to as drug resistance, is where pathogens such as bacteria are finding ways to survive the drugs designed to kill them. This means common infections could become life-threatening within the foreseeable future. AMR is a major One Health issue impacting upon human, animal and environmental sectors and thus requiring global cross-sector collaboration to tackle. The CE4AMR network addresses AMR through bottom-up approaches in LMICs because these countries are set to bear the highest burden of AMR within the next 30 years. Our aims are to engage community members with AMR in their locality and seek to find context-specific solutions which are scalable and sustainable.

CE4AMR believes that if communities are fully informed and engaged with the concept of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) then subsequent behaviour change will be meaningful and sustainable, allowing global AMR objectives to be met.

To achieve this vision the CE4AMR website provides a collaborative hub to showcase current research utilising community engagement methods to tackle AMR, plus resources and guidance for those wishing to branch into this area.

Our project hub details current interventions being delivered across LMICs predominantly within South East Asia and Africa. We showcase the range of existing projects allowing network members to identify potential collaborators, troubleshoot common challenges and ascertain areas of need for future research. Projects range from small-scale ventures to established, long-term interventions and in all cases researchers share success, best practice, challenges and failures in tackling AMR through community-based solutions.

To facilitate the wider uptake of community engagement methods within AMR research our resource hub hosts material to support the methodological development of community engagement projects, background information on the threat of AMR, evaluation and monitoring resources, and practical toolkits, infographics, reports and reflections from the network. We hope that both network members and wider audiences will actively engage to share resources which could benefit the wider CE4AMR community.

CE4AMR events including workshops, webinars and conferences will be discussed within the news section of the site. We aim to provide specific and required support for network members and are responsive to the needs emerging within our research field. We welcome expressions of interest for events so long as they fit within the themes of community engagement, AMR and LMIC audiences. Visit to find out more and see the growing range of community engagement projects tackling AMR across the Global South. Non-network audiences can freely engage with all information and resources on the site, but if you would like to join the CE4AMR network you can do so via the following link