Praxis is launching a podcast series!

Praxis is launching PraxisCast, an arts and humanities and international development research podcast for those working in the field or those simply curious to know more!

The first episode of PraxisCast will be available to listen, download and share on Friday 4 February 2020.

Over the next two years, Praxis will release a series of stimulating podcast episodes, which take a 20-25 minute dive into the most pressing issues and prevalent questions from across the arts and humanities international development research field today.

Each episode is hosted by a different expert from across the heritage, conflict and displacement, resilience and global health sector, and will feature panellists comprised of researchers and NGO partners working on AHRC-GCRF and Newton projects, as well as policy experts and arts practitioners from the Global North and South.

Drawing on the panelists unique expertise, each episode has been carefully curated to provide a deeper insight into the urgent issues raised by those working in the arts and humanities international development field, and will introduce new learning, communicating the distinct contribution arts and humanities research can make to tackling urgent global development challenges.

In episode 1 of PraxisCast, Dr Hana Morel (UCL), Richard Hebditch (National Trust), Professor Ian Baxter (Heriot Watt) and Praxis Principal Investigator Professor Stuart Taberner (University of Leeds) cast a critical lens over why arts and humanities researchers should engage with policy, the opportunities available to drive and shape policy (hint: there’s more than you might think), and provide practical guidance on where researchers should start.

Subscribe to our podcast series by contacting and receive the first episode on Tuesday 4 February 2020. Alternatively follows us on SoundCloud to access all of our podcast episodes in one place.

In the meantime why not read two complimentary blogs published by Heritage and Policy Keynote Speaker Professor Ian Baxter: Engaging with Policy and Trying it out now, and Translating International Heritage Research into Policy – available to read now!

About Praxis

Praxis is the partner project of Changing the Story, a four-year international, multi-disciplinary project also funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, which supports the building of inclusive civil societies with and for young people in 13 countries. Praxis and Changing the Story are coordinated by the same team based at the University of Leeds. You can follow updates from Praxis and find out about all the latest podcast releases via or our twitter account @Changing_Story_