PRAXIS Online Workshop Series: Time Under Lockdown

The next online installment of the PRAXIS Virtual Workshop Series will take place via Zoom on Oct 15th, from 12-1 pm UK time. 

Read the blog from the previous PRAXIS online workshop here.

Workshop Summary

Confinement for people living in the Global South is not only geographical, but also extends to temporal trajectories and itineraries. Temporal uncertainty, lockdowns, closed borders and crackdowns in the name of COVID 19 have made futures even more precarious, uncertain and fuzzy. We will draw on case studies from Lebanon, Kenya, and Jordon, as well as allude to wider displacement in the Euro-Mediterranean zone. The panellists are Tamirace Fakhoury, Winny Obure, Rana Dajani, and Heather Flowe, who are members of the Rights for Time Network+, a new network funded by the AHRC. Rights for Time will be commissioning £800,000 of research through a competitive award process over the next 4 years. Information about the panellists, their scholarship, links to their organisations and partners, as well as the Network+, can be found here:

If you wish to join the session, please contact for the details.

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