Phase 1 Projects

At Changing the Story, we are using a Theory of Change approach to plan, deliver and evaluate our work across all five project strands.

A Change Maker programme workshop led by South Africa Holocaust and Genocide Foundation (SAHGF) in Rwanda.

We began by developing a cross-country Theory of Change with our partners that encapsulates the overall project’s aim to support the building of inclusive, youth-led civil societies in areas of post-conflict through the development of a clear, evidence-based understanding of how arts, heritage and human rights education focused Civil Society Organisations might support this work.

From there, because of the differing contexts and focuses of each country project strand, each of our Phase 1 country teams are developing their own Theory of Change, building on the one above.


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For more detailed overviews of each project strand’s context, approaches and objectives visit our Theories of Change blog series.

Overall Theory of Change





South Africa