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Photo Credit: Sibi Pulpally

The young people we work with at Changing the Story are integral and authentic partners and the intention of our Young Changemakers Series is to reflect this. The aim of the series is to include and amplify the voice of young people we have engaged with over the course of the project, as well as the voice of other young people in the Global South we don’t yet know about that are supporting and enabling positive change.

Photo Credit: Melis Cin

If you are a young person (18-30) based in the Global South we want to hear from you!

Do you have an important message you want to share with our network of policy makers and practitioners?

What are you doing to spark change in your society?

Why do you think young people, the arts, human rights education and social justice activism are important?

What do you feel needs to change for your voice to be listened to?

Are you a young researcher or PhD candidate that wants to share your research with our growing digital audience?

If so, we want you to contribute to our Young Changemakers Series. It’s up to you to decide the content and how you want to present your ideas. Why not take a look at our existing blogs, V-logs and films for inspiration and contact with your idea – we can’t wait to hear from you.

Featured Blogs

Susan Kathayat is a master’s student in the Department of Conflict Peace & Development Studies at Tribhuvan University in Kathmandu, Nepal.  Susan participated in a webinar with Rajib Timalsina, our Regional Lead for Asia, and reflects here on how it led them to recall an experience that has particular resonance in our age of pandemic. 
Jian Li Yew from GEMA, a Civil Society Partner on the Phase 2 project Youth-led Social Enterprises in Malaysia: Shaping Civil Society by and for Young People takes us through the Social Enterprise landscape in Malaysia and the biggest hurdles social enterprises face.
Keduo, Achabu and Benrilo share their journey as filmmakers on the Phase 2 Participatory Arts for Health Improvement (North India).
Check out this brilliant new blog by Prudence Nkomo, a young changemaker on the Phase 2 Mapping Community Heritage project. Read Prudence' take on allegory of the fence and its significance to rural communities in South Africa.
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You can read more blogs by our Young Changemakers by clicking here.

Featured Films

You can watch more films created by and interviews with our young changemakers on our Resources page or YouTube Channel.

With support from the Mobility Fund the team from Ilizwi Lenyaniso Lomhlaba made the 4-hour journey down to the coast to meet with a Khoe (or Khoisan) community that has been fighting against a nuclear development on the Eastern Cape coast

Carrington, a young collaborator on the Phase 2 Early Career Research project Street Art to Promote Representation and Epistemic Justice among Marginalized Rural Zimbabwean Youth discusses his graffiti art creation which was exhibited in museums and galleries across Zimbabwe.

 A short film made by Alana, Bianca, Isabela, Natalia, and Yhandr from the small city of Codó in Brazil.

Moiz Khan – My Story. A short film about Islam and Xenophobia.

Watch a final cut of the animation produced by the young proof of concept project team ‘Boom Zine’ about the Kosovo music scene in the 1980s.

A short interview about the experiences of the Tonga youth expressed through street art designed and created by the young people themselves.

Filip, a young changemaker on our BiH project talks about the short film he will make based on a moment he observed between his grandmother and her friends.

Success, a changemaker on the Mapping Community Heritage project (South Africa) discusses how young people interviewing the elder community has shaped the ways stories are captured.

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