This is an Accepted Manuscript version of chapter 3 of the book 'Participatory Arts in International Development' published by Routledge/CRC Press on 29 August 2019. The final version of each chapter can be found at The complete book is available online:

Co-Investigator Simon Dancey Changing the Story’s Phase 1 Colombia strand incorporates two areas of research. The first, an experimental project that seeks to stimulate creativity among young people dwelling at the borders of precariousness. The second, a comparative study that considers the construction of worlds through social imaginaries and investigates how dominant imaginaries can be a barrier to an alternative future.

Interviews with visual artists about creation of animations recording stories of former child soldiers in Colombia.

This fanzine is created by the Youth Research Board's Preserving Memory Group composed by: David, Antonia, Trina and Leonard. It comes as a product of art research on projects supported by the Changing the Story network and talks about how these young people perceived memory and described its state imaginatively on an alien planet from Earth.

'Peace in a Small Scale: Colombia and the Social Imagination of the Future' by Alejandro Castillejo-Cuéllar and with the research assistance of Alex Sierra. This paper was presented as part of the international seminar 'Voicing Hidden Histories' held at University of Leeds in November 2017.

A summary of Mr Klaje's visit to the UK, March-May 2022. Including workshops in Belfast, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Leeds

Del ahogado el sombrero, a manera de manifiesto: esbozos para una crítica al discurso transicional. Vibrant: Virtual Brazilian Anthropology. By Alejandro Castillejo Cuéllar, 2018.