'Consolidation, Learning and Evaluation in Kenya and Rwanda'. A critical review of Changing the Story Projects in Eastern Africa. This report shares on how formal and informal citizenship and peace education for teaching and learning with young people in the Changing the Story (CTS) East African region has been transformed by the infusion of Arts Based Methodologies.

Raymond Brian (The Nature Network, Kenya) introduced 'Daniel in the Homophobic Lion's Den'. 'Daniel in the Homophobic Lion’s Den' creatively uses stories from the Bible to tell the life experiences of LGBTQIA+ Ugandan refugees living in Nairobi. In this film the Nature Network use the story of Daniel to celebrate the liberation of the LGBTQIA+ community against the anti-homosexuality bill in Uganda. The film is part of the 'Tales of Sexuality and Faith: The Ugandan LGBT Refugee Life Story' research project led by Adriaan van Klinken and Johanna Stiebert.