Learning from the past with and for young people: Intergenerational dialogue, education, and memory after genocide

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  • Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia

In January 2019, Cambodia marked the 40th anniversary of the fall of the the Khmer Rouge, a regime responsible for the deaths of over 1.7 million people. Efforts to redress Cambodia’s difficult past are ongoing, including prosecutions of senior Khmer Rouge leaders, a range of commemorative and memorial practices, the development of new curricula and approaches to the delivery of genocide education, and arts initiatives that work to engage and represent the experiences of victim constituencies. Cambodia, of course, is one of a number of post-conflict societies confronting the impact of a legacy of violence on present-day social inequalities and injustices.

This three day international workshop, “Learning from the past with and for young people: Intergenerational dialogue, education, and memory after genocide” – Friday 15th – Sunday 17th March 2019, Phnom Penh Cambodia, draws on the work of the AHRC-GCRF Network Plus “Changing the Story” project to bring together researchers, artists, and civil society practitioners from within Cambodia and other post-conflict contexts to share experiences and insights across research projects, develop avenues to enhance impact, and provide opportunities to network and liaise for future collaborations with partners from across the global north and south.

A particular focus of the workshop will be supporting Early Career Researchers in any discipline from across the world who are working on issues related to this topic and are currently involved GCRF projects. As well as providing a forum for discussing the issues of intergenerational dialogue, education, and memory after genocide, the project will also provide professional development opportunities, exploring the challenges and opportunities for developing international partnerships between academic and non-academic institutions.

This is a closed event, but you can follow the discussions on our Twitter page: @Changing_Story_

Landscape near Anlong Veng Peace Center
Photo: Keo Theasrun, Documentation Center of Cambodia (2018).