Changemakers in Film Summit (July 2021)

The Changemakers in Film Summit is a youth event curated by Jacqueline Adjei (Laidlaw scholar) and a panel of film directors from across the CTS network discussing the perspectives and issues explored within their films.

This year’s programme is curated by Jacqueline Adjei. Jacque joined us as a Laidlaw Scholar (she’s a History student here at Leeds) to work on the CTS Film Festival. This summer she’s back with us for a few weeks to curate a film-inspired series of three events as part of our youth engagement strand, which she’s called ‘Changemakers in Film Summit’ – very exciting!

‘My role as curator allowed me to organise a film-inspired series of three events as part of our youth engagement strand, called ‘Changemakers in Film Summit’. For the changemaker’s in film summit, I went through the CTS archive of films to find films that particularly resonate with my perspective on the key issues facing young people today. The events will be spread across three weeks, focusing on different themes. The overarching theme of these events will be youth in film, and this will be done by revisiting films made before COVID. These events will be advertised widely across the Laidlaw network and the CTS network. Although the event remains open to all, it would be an excellent opportunity for young people from the network and beyond to explore the films and some of the issues that come out of them together. They will also be ‘in conversation style ‘and discursive allowing the directors/filmmakers to talk through the filming process and broader themes surrounding the event. The film will be available on the CTS Webpage before the events. However, the discussions will mainly focus on more general themes whilst referring to the films; therefore, everyone is welcome to join the conversation.– Jacqueline Adjei

Thank you for joining Jacqueline and a range of emerging young filmmakers from across the Changing the Story network as they discussed issues of gender, wellbeing, mental health and more via the films that have emerged from the projects and the expertise of the young people who made them.

Event Recordings and Post-event Reflections

Watch the recording from 'Exploring Social Advocacy through a Youth Defined Dens', featuring panellists Tahn-Dee Matthews and Junaid Oliephant (Ilizwi Lenyaniso Lomhlaba, South Africa), Angel David Hurtado Orozco, (Building Trust for Truth-Telling Among Former Child Soldiers, Colombia), and Emilie Clark, Libi Sears, and Megan Valentine (University of Leeds)
Watch the recording of Changing the Story's second online event in the Changemakers in Film Summit series 2021, 'Health is Wealth: Revisiting the influence of Arts organisations in helping the youth in post conflict societies'. The event features panellists Achabu Kire (Participatory Arts for Health Improvement in North-East India), Prof Ananda Breed (Mobile Arts for Peace), and Martin Keats (Bishop Simeon Trust).
This blog is part of Changing The Story’s #YoungChangemakers series. In the blog, Jacqueline shares her reflections on the the Changemakers in Film Summit and her time working at Changing the Story over two summers (2020, 2021).