Changing The Story Grants

Credit: Keo Theasrun/Documentation Center of Cambodia

At Changing the Story, we are offering a series of grants to further explore the different ways in which ODA countries can build civil societies with, and for, young people in areas of post-conflict.

We have two main funding schemes. Each scheme is designed for projects which are led by a researcher but work in close partnership with other researchers and civil society organisations.


Consolidating Learning Call (up to £20,000)

The Consolidating Learning call is open to existing CTS grantees only (duration 6 months).

Mobility Fund up to £1000 available

Our Mobility Fund is only available to CTS grantees currently based in the Global South.

ECR-led grants of £15,000 – £30,000 (duration 6-12 months)

Applications to apply for our ECR-led grants closed in December 2018. Eleven projects were successfully awarded funding.

Large grants of £50,000-£100,000 (duration 12 months)

Our Large grants scheme is suitable for researchers of all levels.<br /><br />

Changing the Story Consolidating Learning Call
Deadline: 2359 GMT on 14 February 2020

Download the Application Guidance here.

As part of our Phase Two activities, Changing the Story are looking to fund five additional ‘Consolidating Learning’ projects at a maximum of £20,000 each, which will work across a selection of the existing CTS portfolio of projects to draw out key lessons learnt, both in terms of theory and practice, maximise synergies across our portfolio, define priorities, and identify key areas of impact of the wider projectThe Consolidating Learning projects are an opportunity for CTS to engage more directly with our CSO partners and stakeholders internationally, ensuring that our research remains relevant and applicable to their work longer-term. 

CTS will fund one project in each of the following five regions, each of which correspond to a suite of CTS projects working in that region: South Asia, South East Europe, South America, South Africa and East Africa.

What we are looking for in the Consolidating Learning Projects?

As part of your project, we expect you to: 

  • Produce a critical review of the CTS projects in your regiondrawing on existing project outputs from your region.
  • Identify key non-academic stakeholders in the project countries and the region.
  • Develop and deliver an innovative dissemination event designed for non-academic stakeholders. We particularly encourage events focused on engaging national and regional CSOs and policy makers with the wider project outcomes.
  • Produce a briefing note for identified non-academic stakeholders relating to your findings, and a short audiovisual output which also provides an overview of your work. 
  • Work with the other Consolidating Learning projects to ensure that the comparative lens of the project extends beyond geographical groupings.

Projects may last up to 6 months. Projects to commence April 2020 and must be completed by 1st October 2020. 

More information can be found in the grant guidelines here.

Who can apply for a Consolidating Learning project? 

All projects must be led by a single Principal Investigator, whose academic institution will administer the grant. Whilst there is no requirement to have Co-Investigators included in the project, the project can include any number of Co- Investigators, as required to undertake the work. At least one of the research team (PI or Co-I) must be from the Global South and situated in one of the countries for which they are applying.  The PI must be currently involved, or recently involved, in a CTS project. Co-Is can be new to the project, though teams that work across CTS projects in the region are particularly encouraged More information on eligibility can be found in the application pack.

Opening Date

Call opens 6 December 2019

Closing Date

Call closes 23:59 GMT 14 February 2020

How do I apply for a CTS Regional Learning Lead project? 

To apply for this round of funding, you will need to complete an online application form and equal opportunities monitoring form, and submit any additional documentation to

Read the guidance notes carefully to ensure that your proposal is eligible for a Changing The Story grant and that you have completed the application form correctly.

Applicants are required to fill out and submit: 

  • Online application form (Click here for the form. Password: CTSlearning19
  • 2 page CV and 1 page publication list for any PI, Co-I or named research assistants not already known to CTS. 
  • Financial breakdown of project budget (Click here to download the budget template) 
  • Timeline of activities
  • 1 page justification of resources 
  • Equal Opportunities online form for PI and any Co-Is (Click here for the form. Password: CTSlearning19)

If you have any questions about the application process please contact

Changing the Story Mobility Fund: Applications open 1 June

The Changing the Story (CTS) Mobility Fund is open to existing CTS grantees who are currently based in the Global South. It is designed to enhance the mobility and professional development of CTS grantees by providing financial support of up to £1000 per application to support travel, subsistence and conference fee costs.

We particularly encourage applications that seek to engage with other members of the existing CTS global network.

*Please Note: There is a limit of £1000 per application activity*

Opening Dates

Call Opens: 01/06/2019

Closing Dates

Closing date: 31/10/2020. Applications to the fund are on a rolling basis until the fund has been exhausted.

Applicants will receive a response within 3 weeks of their application.

How to make an application?

To make an application:


For more information on any of the above grants please email the Changing the Story team at