Changing The Story Grants

Credit: Keo Theasrun/Documentation Center of Cambodia

At Changing the Story, we are offering a series of grants to further explore the different ways in which ODA countries can build civil societies with, and for, young people in areas of post-conflict.

We have two funding schemes. Each scheme is designed for projects which are led by a researcher but work in close partnership with other researchers and civil society organisations:


ECR-led grants of £15,000 – £30,000 (duration 6-12 months)

Applications to attend the Project Development Workshop, a prerequisite to apply for the grants, are now closed.

Large grants of £50,000-100,000 (duration 12-15 months)

Our Large grants scheme is suitable for researchers of all levels.<br />

Early Career Researcher’s Project Development Workshop

Applications to attend are now closed.

MAP project workshop, Rwanda

In May 2018 we launched a new funding scheme for Early Career Researchers (ECRs), supporting research that considers the relationship between young people and civil society organisations (CSO) in post-conflict countries. This opportunity was open to all ECRs based in or working with ODA-recipient countries where the legacy of past conflict continues to shape communities today. We were interested in work that will contribute understanding towards at least one of these research questions:


  • What lessons can be learnt from the ways in which CSOs have attempted to deal with the legacy of past violence on the key issues facing young people in these societies today?
  • How can these lessons be shaped into practical, and sustainable, development projects on the ground, localising best practice to the situation faced by specific communities?
  • How can CSOs most effectively share best practice internationally? What are the higher-level policy implications of our research findings for development agencies and multilateral bodies seeking to roll out more extensive programmes on post-conflict resolution?

As part of the programme’ s commitment to the professional development of ECRs working in this area, Changing The Story invited interested ECRs to apply to attend a Project Development Workshop, which takes place 25-26 October 2018 in London, UK. Over the course of the two-day workshop, participants will have a chance to help co-design the project call that will be issued shortly after the workshop. In the process they will help to co-design the funding call as a collective, develop their own project ideas, receive critical feedback and insight from international peers and experts, learn from and support other projects currently in development, and build new networks through which to disseminate their work. When the workshop concludes, participants will have 5 weeks to submit their application to Changing The Story.

Attendance at the project development workshop is a pre-requisite for applying for the grant.

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