A list of key partners involved in #ChangingTheStory, from NGO managers to academics to grassroots civil society organisations and policy makers. This list will evolve as the project grows to incorporate new connections.

Management Team

Jessica Mitchell (University of Leeds)
Dr Francesca Giliberto
Katie Hodgkinson
Tony Cegielka
Paul Cooke (University of Leeds)
Stuart Taberner (University of Leeds)

Phase 1 Co-Investigator

Phase 1 Project Partner

Phase 1 Project Researcher

Phase 2 Co-Investigator

Michael Heneise (Kohima Institute)
Aylwyn M. Walsh (University of Leeds)
Eric Ndushabandi (IRDP Rwanda)
Linda Gusia (University of Prishtina)

Phase 2 Principal Investigator

Laura K. Taylor (Queens University, Belfast)
Dr. Amanda Rogers (University of Swansea)
Marlon Moncrieffe (University of Brighton)
Dr. Paula Callus (University of Bournemouth)
Katie Brown (University of Exeter)
Aylwyn M. Walsh (University of Leeds)
Melis Cin (Lancaster University)
Amrit Virk (University of Leeds)
Tiffany Fairey (Kings College London)
Seth Mehl (University of Sheffield)
Dr. Sreenath Nair (University of Lincoln)
Andreana Drencheva (University of Sheffield)
Kirrily Pells (University College, London)

Phase 2 Project Partner

Rajan Khatiwada (Mandala Theatre)
The Center for Khmer Studies
Cambodian Living Arts
Vullnet Sanaja (Anibar)
Tina Ellen Lee (Opera Circus)
Paul de Bruyn (Pala Forerunners)
Ashley Visagie (Bottomup)

Post Doctoral Research Fellow

Mat Charles

Praxis Collaborators

Project Delivery Partner

Regional Safeguarding Lead

Linda Hoxha (University of Prishtina)

Steering Group

Professor Tim Prentki (University of Winchester)
Kate Carroll (Action Aid)