Aisha Kayani (University of Leeds)

Aisha joins Changing the Story as Project Administrator which she will be completing alongside her Master of Research at the University of Leeds.

Aisha joined the University of Leeds in 2016 to study Fashion Design (IND) graduating with a first-class honour in 2020. Her undergraduate dissertation explored the deliberation between real and faux fur in contemporary fashion and she is now completing a Master of Research providing her with the opportunity to further her research in this sector. Her current research explores whether fur in fashion can ever be sustainable and issues of animal welfare relating to sustainable and ethical challenges within both high-street and luxury fashion markets. Her research is also looking into innovative developments of faux fur which have the potential to mitigate the unsustainable and unethical implications real and faux fur pose on the environment, animals and humans.

Aisha has spent time volunteering with Snehalaya – a charity in rural Ahmednagar, India, where she supported the education and rehabilitation of women and children who have been affected by poverty and the commercial sex industry. She continues to support the charity and hopes to return after the COVID-19 pandemic.

From her experience working with charities, Aisha aims to progress to a career where she can implement her academic research experience to further benefit those around her.

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