Alex Ndibwami (University of Rwanda)

Alex Ndibwami is a lecturer in Architecture at the School of Architecture and the Built Environment and the Director of Teaching and Learning Enhancement, both at the College of Science and Technology, University of Rwanda.  He is also a researcher in Architecture and a budding voice for grassroots aware architecture especially in Sub-Saharan Africa.  He believes that architecture is core to life – how people live, work, relate, consume and think.  His approach to education, research and practice is guided by a cross disciplinary ethos that acknowledges the state of the art and a perspective of the future.  Alex’s teaching, research and professional practice interests include: culturally responsive ethos in design; approaches to Built Environment (BE) Education; user behaviour and how it shapes or is shaped by architecture and; sustainability in the BE. Most of this work has been cross (and) inter-disciplinary in nature, encompassing BE pedagogy, urban policy, development processes and urbanising communities.

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