Andreana Drencheva (University of Sheffield)

Andreana Drencheva is a Lecturer in Entrepreneurship at the University of Sheffield, UK and trustee of Chilypep (Children and Young People’s Empowerment Project). Her research explores social entrepreneurship and social impact across levels of analysis and contexts. At the individual level of analysis, she explores social entrepreneurs’ feedback seeking, identity, and wellbeing, recognising the influence of culture during the entrepreneurship journey. At the organisational level of analysis, she explores the tensions embedded in and the diversity of social ventures, including mission-driven arts organisations, and how social ventures catalyse (or don’t) different types of social impact, such as social inclusion or better ageing, through specific mechanisms, such as artists’ use of temporary spaces. She collaborates with support organisations to co-create services, programmes, and tools for (potential) social entrepreneurs – particularly focusing on catalysing social impact, leading and scaling social ventures, and avoiding mission drift.

Andreana is the Principal Investigator on the Phase 2 project ‘Youth Led Social Enterprises in Malaysia‘ and the Phase 2 Large Grant project ‘Building inclusive and sustainable civil society: A social entrepreneurship toolkit created by and for young people’ (Cambodia and Malaysia).

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