Chaste Uwihoreye (Uyisenga Ni Imanzi)

Chaste is a clinical psychologist practitioner, with a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology. Chaste is currently a PhD Candidate in Psychotherapy. Since 2011, Chaste has established programs in Rwanda that provide social, emotional , psychological and economic support for communities, and to promote solidarity and cohesion using culturally based arts. Chaste has been a Country Director of Uyisenga ni Imanzi since 2007, where Chaste ensures the alignment of organisational strategies, policies and values around safeguarding and child protection.

Chaste is a strong Advocate for children’s rights, a Professional in Trauma Healing, Individual Transformation, Family Cohesion, Community participation, a Team and a Peace builder. He is innovative, confident, optimistic, inspiring and advising people from any background for life restoration. He has participated in many researches and has initiated different models in the rehabilitation.

Sub-Saharan Africa Regional Safeguarding Lead

Chaste has worked and organised workshops in Rwanda, Kenya, Zimbabwe and South Africa, where ‘Changing the Story’ is active. As one of two Regional Leads for CTS in sub-Saharan Africa, Chaste has largely been harmonising a psychosocial model into Mobile Arts for Peace (MAP) activities, and appraising how it maps onto guidelines around safeguarding from the UK Collaborative on Development Research. The model explores self-expression, coping strategies and positive thinking through local proverbs and song.

It’s hoped that learning from participatory arts youth workshops in Rwanda will mesh with experiences from grassroots projects in South Africa, where Helene Rousseau (also a RL for Africa) is talking to civil society staff. Chaste and Helene would like to investigate which activities and interventions are appropriate in each country, and which are specific to the African context. In the same vein, Chaste will be presenting with Rajib Timalsina (RL Asia) at a conference in Rwanda in May on translating learning from MAP Rwanda to new projects in Nepal and India.

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