Dr. Edwar Calderón

Edwar Calderón interdisciplinary research spans urban development, human geography and education in the Global South, with a specific interest in the (re)production of space and inequalities in geographies of conflict. This has led to research into community development, spatial justice, urban transformations and gentrification processes in contexts of marginality within extractive economies and armed conflict. Through his research Edwar has worked with young people, civil society organisations and local government stakeholders through participatory approaches in processes of reconciliation and peacebuilding. He believes in the importance of research impact and has been proactively involved in and leading public engagement events in the USA, UK and Colombia. In the latter, he facilitated a participatory workshop that initiated a peace agreement between local government and the young gangs in Quibdó.

Edwar is a Co-Investigator on the Phase 2 Large Grant project ‘Cuál es la verdad? (What is the Truth?) De-constructing collective memories and imagining alternative futures with young people in Chocó through music and arts’ (Colombia).