Eric Ndushabandi (IRDP Rwanda)

Eric Ndushabandi is an associate researcher to the Center for Conflict Management at the University of Rwanda (UR). His area of research is mainly: Transitional justice mechanisms; Memory and identity in a post-conflict society; democratization process; Public policy analysis, and post-conflict peace building process with a grassroots approach.

Eric is a Co-Investigator on the Phase 1 Rwanda project ‘Mobile Arts for Peace.’

Resource Archive

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‘No-One Can Tell a Story Better than the One Who Lived It’Academic article. Understandings of childhood and trauma are based on bio-psychological frameworks emanating from the Global North, often at odds with the historical, political, economic, social and cultural contexts in …Chaste Uwihoreye, Dr Eric Ndushabandi, Dr Kirrily Pells, Dr Matthew Elliot, Dr Sylvestre Nzahabwanayo, Prof Ananda Breed, , , , , , rwanda locationarticle language-english sdg-10-inequalities sdg-16-institutions sdg-3-health-and-well-being sdg-4-education subject-participatory-arts