Joshua Chikozho (BaTonga Community Museum)

Joshua Chikozho has been employed by the National Museums and Monuments of Zimbabwe (NMMZ) since 2005 to the present day. The NMMZ is a parastatal created by an Act of Parliament whose core mandate is to be the national heritage and cultural premier agency in respect of preservation, conservation, protection, education, marketing and restoration, among other things.

Joshua Chikozho is the Curator and Site Manager of the BaTonga Community Museum found in the north-western part of Zimbabwe. This is a museum anchored on community empowerment, participation, engagement and community development. Above all the museum prioritizes indigenous knowledge in all community development projects.

Joshua Chikozho holds a Masters Degree in Heritage Studies, attained at the University of Zimbabwe. He has published numerous papers mostly on Tonga culture, the role of communities in community development,  the role of culture in development, heritage and culture as cultural capital and an industry.


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