Kirrily Pells (University College, London)

Kirrily am Lecturer in Childhood at UCL Institute of Education and my work concerns global childhoods and children’s rights especially in relation to poverty, intersecting inequalities and violence. Her PhD focused on the lives of children and young people in the aftermath of conflict, with a case study of Rwanda.  Her current work is investigating memories in childhood and intergenerational relations.  


Kirrily is a Research Associate with the Young Lives international study of childhood poverty, co-ordinated by the University of Oxford, where my research focuses on the intersections and dynamics between structural and symbolic violence with interpersonal violence in the lives of children and youth in Ethiopia, India, Peru and Vietnam.  Kirrily is also interested in the impact of policies and programmes on children’s lives and the relationships between research, policy and practice.  

Kirrily is the Principal Investigator of the Phase 2 project ‘Connective Memories‘ (Rwanda).

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