Laura K. Taylor (Queens University, Belfast)

 Laura K. Taylor (PhD) is a Lecturer in the School of Psychology, Queen’s University Belfast, and in the University College Dublin. She has a dual PhD in Psychology and Peace Studies from the University of Notre Dame (USA). Laura studies risk and resilience processes for children, families, and communities in settings of protracted conflict. Her work has implications for youth outcomes, such as aggression and prosocial behaviours, as well as broader psychosocial processes, such as shared education and intergroup relations, which may fuel or constrain conflict. Toward this end, she studies how and why violence affects behaviours and attitudes related to conflict transformation, primarily during childhood and adolescence.

Laura has 15 years’ experience within academia and the public sector conducting programme evaluations, reviews, and co-produced academic research. She has published over 55 peer-reviewed journal articles and has received research funding from the National Institute for Health Research (UK), British Academy/Leverhulme Trust, Global Challenges Research Fund, American Psychological Foundation, among others.

Laura recently won the Outstanding Early Career Professional Award – APA Division 52 (International Psychology) and the Ed Cairns Early Career Award – APA Division 48 (Society for the Study of Peace and Conflict).

Laura is the Principal Investigator of the Phase 2 Colombia project ‘YouthLEAD.’

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