Linda Gusia (University of Prishtina)

Linda Gusia is a lecturer at the departments of Sociology at the University of Prishtina. Her research has focused on topics of gender, nationalism, activism, representation, public space, memory and violence. As part of her PhD theses she interrogated ambiguities of nationalism and gender by looking both; at the women movement in Kosovo and the sexual violence as a strategy of war centring at the politics of gender representation visually and textually. She holds a PhD from University of Prishtina (2016) and MA from NYU (2003). Linda was co-curator and researcher in the multimedia art exhibition on women’s peaceful resistance in Kosovo. She co-founded the University Program for Gender Studies and Research, UP. She was visiting research scholar and fellow at the Gender Research Institute, Dartmouth College, and fellow for five years of the Academic Fellowship Program OSI. She is currently a PI of the Changing the Story Phase 2 ECR project: The Making of the Museum of Education: Memory, violence and resistance as seen by artists, youth and institutions.

Linda is the Principal Investigator of the Phase 2 Kosovo project The Making of the Museum of Education  and Co-Investigator of the Phase 2 Large Grant Project ‘ReSpace.’