Marlon Moncrieffe (University of Brighton)

Dr Moncrieffe is Principal Investigator for the 2019 Arts Humanities Research Council Global Research Challenges Fund commissioned ‘Examining Interpretations of Civic National Values Made by Young People in Post Conflict Settings (an intercontinental comparative project between Kenya and Nepal).’ 

He taught in UK primary schools from 1999 to 2013 and was a Deputy-Headteacher. He carried out his doctoral research between 2012 and 2017 with the Institute of Education, University of Reading. He has developed new knowledge for teaching and learning in Initial Teacher Training and Primary School education through an exploration of (in)congruency in historical accounts of cross-cultural encounters over the ages in the UK advancing critical multicultural education and approaches to teaching and learning about civic national values and race equality.  

Dr Moncrieffe takes an interdisciplinary approach to his research through education, history, sociology, arts and humanities. He has produced a broad range of research publications and outputs including journal articles, book chapters and public exhibitions. He has presented his research work to global audiences at highly respected international educational conferences in the UK, Portugal, Thailand and Jamaica.  

Dr Moncrieffe is a Co-opted council member of the British Educational Research Association. 


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