Mirla Pérez (Universidad Central de Venezuela)

Mirla Pérez completed a degree in Social Work in 1996 and a PhD in Social Sciences in 2009, both at the Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV). She is a Professor at the UCV, where she has worked since 1997 and has carried out duties including teaching, researching, co-ordinating the forensic social science programme and being head of the Department of Social Research and Action. She teaches on the PhD programmes in Political Science and Research and Development. Mirla has been a researcher at the Centro de Investigaciones Populares since 1995, specialising in socio-anthropological research into violent crime. Mirla has been a consultant researcher for many groups, including the Municipality of Sucre. In 2017, she became Director of Consultora Convivalis.


Mirla’s research focuses on conflict zones, based on an understanding of the socio-cultural situation in which those affected live. She is the author of various articles on the use of life stories as a methodology and social work in working-class communities, and is co-author of books including Y salimos a matar gente (Centro de Investigaciones Populares, 2007) and Tiros en la cara (IESA, 2008).

Mirla is a Co-Investigator on the Phase 2 Venezuela project ‘Thought and Freedom.’