Paul Cooke (University of Leeds)

Paul Cooke is Centenary Chair of World Cinemas at the University of Leeds. He is the author of Representing East Germany: From Colonization to Nostalgia (2005) and Contemporary German Cinema (2012). His edited volumes include World Cinema’s ‘Dialogues; with Hollywood (2007), The Lives of Others and Contemporary German Film (2013), with Marc Silberman, Screening War: Perspectives on German Suffering (2012) and with Rob Stone, Screening European Heritage: Creating and Consuming History on Film (2017). He is currently involved in an AHRC project exploring the role of film as a tool for the generation of ‘Soft Power’ across the BRICS group of emerging nations. Over the last few years he has run a number of participatory filmmaking project supporting young people to explore the legacy of ‘difficult’ pasts. This has involved working with the former main Stasi prison in Germany and groups of young people from Germany and the UK to explore the legacy of the GDR for our contemporary understanding of democracy, and young people in Leeds, Manchester, Nottingham and Johannesburg looking at the legacy of holocaust and its implications for our contemporary understanding of human rights. In addition to Changing the Story, Paul’s current projects involve working with marginalised groups in South Africa, Brazil and India to use filmmaking as a tool to challenge their nation’s ‘Soft Power narratives’, and working with public health professionals to use participatory arts to develop community-led solutions to the misdiagnosis of antibiotics in Nepal. 

Paul is also Co-Investigator on ‘Praxis: Arts and Humanities for Global Development‘ and ‘Community Engagement for Antimicrobial Resistance.’

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