Samjhana (Youth Research Board)

Namaste, I am Samjhana Balami, I am 23, and I am from Nepal. 

 My country Nepal is beautiful, and full of natural beauties, hills, mountains, religion, culture, various costumes, and ethnicities. 

 Currently in Nepal, there is an increase in the trend of most of the youths going abroad for study, work, and in search of better opportunities. And I think the reason behind this tendency is compounded by the compulsion or desire for a better life, as well as the lack of good opportunities to work within the country, and being a young person, this issue has been a keen concern for me. 

 So from Changing The Story, I want to learn how to create a positive impact and raise awareness regarding such issues with the limited available resources within the community. 

I participated in the research project ‘Examining the interpretations of civic national values made by young people in Nepal’, in which we visited schools of urban and rural areas and collected data using various methods of art. Since 2015, I have worked for Galli Galli, a non-profit organisation, first as an intern, and now as a research assistant.

Image captures Samjhana’s participation on the Public Untruth panel. Inside out & Outside in, June 2021, Photo Majlinda Hoxha