Samuel Kyagambiddwa (Mashirika Creative and Performing Arts Group)

Samuel is the second director at Mashirika Performing Arts and Media Company ltd, works as the special projects creative director in charge of concept and content development. Samuel is a behavior and social change communication (BSCC) specialist an experienced manager, workshops facilitator and Trainer whose qualifications, experience and talent lies in communication for development (C4D), Soap Opera and Serial drama production, children’s media, community mobilization, health communication, child protection/child rights, human rights and peace building, sexual and reproductive health communication.  He has more than 16 years of experience working in behavior and social change programs in Uganda, Rwanda, United Kingdom and Sweden. Samuel’s preoccupation is to develop needs based programs which are inclusive and using the participatory approach at different levels.   Samuel has worked and produced materials for audio, audio visual, print and interpersonal programs. The organizations has worked with include UNICEF, GIZ, PSI, Urunana Development Communication, UNAIDS, UNESCO, RCN J&D, Health Unlimited UK, Swiss Contact, Ministry of Health (Rwanda), Usaid, Swisscontact, numerous local and international NGOs. Samuel studied Theatre studies and Makerere University in Uganda and majored in Drama.  He is the Production manager of one of the longest running radio soap operas in the East African Region called Urunana which is broadcast on BBC Great Lakes Life Line service and Radio Rwanda.  He has story lined and edited 1988 episodes.

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