Simon Dancey (Creative & Cultural Skills)

Simon has worked in the cultural sector for 25 years, initially as a musician and music promoter. He was formerly Global Director, Cultural Skills at the British Council, a role that ranged from apprenticeship training at the Rio Olympics to cultural heritage policy work in Myanmar. He is a former trustee of Arts Council Wales and previous roles include Director, Wales at the British Council and Director of Community Music Wales. From 2008 to 2012 Simon was Nations and International Director for Creative & Cultural Skills. He has recently completed a PhD in International Cultural Policy.

Simon has worked as a professional musician, producer, tour manager and sound engineer. Simon developed the UK’s first Community record label and touring circuit, Complete Control Music.

He has a wealth of international training and advisory experience, having worked with NGOs, government organisations, and agencies including the European Union and UNESCO.

In addition to practice and policy, Simon is currently engaged as an academic, having recently completed a PhD in International Policy, with a specific emphasis on Latin America.

In relation to two case studies in Colombia and Brazil, his thesis addressed key components of cultural policy paradigms, the impact of neoliberalism on cultural policy nationally and internationally, as well as power structures and hegemonic paradigms.

Simon’s research interests include social justice and culture, international cultural policy and practice, public intellectuals, culture and education, social class and social transformation, hegemony, power and neoliberalism.

Simon is the Co-Investigator of the Phase 1 Colombia project ‘Tales of the Future.

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