Tony Cegielka (University of Leeds)

In past lives, I’ve worked with academic managers in HE by providing research-informed, evidence-based support to develop inclusive and internationalised curricula, and with tutors to promote more active student involvement in their learning and assessment. I’ve also contributed to a EU Seventh Framework Programme project to construct channels through which an in-service student’s research could be implemented in policy and practice in their own LMIC organisation. I helped ensure, too, that collaborative course providers could successfully navigate UK HE quality enhancement regulations.

On a similar theme for Changing the Story, I’m developing a one-year project to generate discussion of the issues around the safeguarding both of researchers in the field, and of the young people they work with. We hope to move towards a mutual assessment of how best to ensure that safeguarding approaches work in the diverse contexts of our projects. If you’d like support on raising awareness of safeguarding issues among your teams, or helping to build your capacity to meet changing requirements from Global North funders, then feel free to contact me.

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