Ontu-Nilluva (One Community): Tribal Education Methodology Forum for Youth Leadership and Engagement (India)


The aim of the proposed project is to work with the Government of Kerala to formalise and continue the activities of Ontu-Nilluva, a Tribal Education Methodology (TEM) youth forum, created at the end of the originally funded project. Literally meaning one community in the tribal language, Ontu-Nilluva as an engagement framework will help the Government of Kerala to implement the TEM model to enhance the tribal youth-led community engagement, empowerment, and policy intervention. Dr Nair has already met with the policy makers in the Government of Kerala such as the Chief Principal Secretary to the Chief Minister of Kerala, the Secretary of Education, the Secretary of Social Justice, the Principal Secretary, and the Director of Additional Skill Acquisition Programme, the Director of Tribal Development, the Director of Public Instruction, the Director of Knowledge Mission and the Director of Women and Child Development for future collaboration and partnership. The Follow-on-Funding will enhance and accelerate this initial discussion and strengthen the TEM partnership with the Government of Kerala. The proposed activities are highly important not only to create long-term sustainability and employability to reduce the risk of marginalisation and poverty among the tribal youth in Kerala but also to strengthen the partnership with the Government already established by the TEM project. 

Dr. Sreenath Nair, University of Lincoln, will lead the project as Principal Investigator alongside project partners Kerala Development and Innovation Strategic Council (K-Disc), Government of Kerala, India.