The Anlong Veng Peace Tours (Cambodia)

The “Anlong Veng Peace Tours” was the focus of the Phase 1 Cambodia project for Changing the Story. 

From 2017 – 2019, Dr. Peter Manning (University of Bath) and Dr. Ly-Sok Kheang (Documentation Centre of Cambodia) worked together and with colleagues to explore intergenerational memory within the context of peace and reconciliation in Cambodia.


Their work focused in particular on the Documentation Centre for Cambodia’s (DC-Cam) existing Anlong Veng Peace and Human Rights Tours, a programme “designed to promote inter-personal and inter-community dialogue as part of [DC-Cam’s] larger objectives of promoting memory, peace and reconciliation. Students of various majors and backgrounds, regardless of victims or perpetrators’ sides, are selected and trained to partake in this community-based reconciliation project of the Anlong Veng Peace Center” (DC-Cam). Considered the last stronghold of the Khmer Rouge Movement, Anlong Veng has become an important site for DC-Cam to develop their work in creating spaces for memory, justice and healing in Cambodia.

As with all of Changing the Story’s (CTS) Phase 1 projects, the Cambodia strand of CTS conducted a critical review, and a proof of concept project. Their critical review asked how “intergenerational memory” supports societies that have experienced conflict and what past and present approaches in Cambodia could tell us. Their proof of concept built on this learning and the existing work happening as part of the Anlong Veng Peace Tours to explore and incorporate new ways of enhancing the participatory aspects of the tours, with a specific emphasis on participatory video.

The Cambodia strand is now entering its dissemination phase, which is being led by Dr. Peter Manning and Dr. Keo Duong (Royal University of Phnom Penh, Cambodia). This was marked via an international 3-day workshop organised by Manning, Keo and the wider Changing the Story team that took place in Phnom Penh in March 2019 entitled ‘Learning from the Past With and For Young People: Intergenerational Dialogue, Education, and Memory after Genocide’.

Since April 2018, six Peace Tours have been convened, engaging students and trainee teachers, participants at the Extraordinary Chambers at the Courts of Cambodia, and other CSO and governmental staff, including from the UN Development Program and United States Embassy in Cambodia. Eleven films have been produced and uploaded to the Documentation Center of Cambodia YouTube channel, attracting 8800 views.    

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The “Anlong Veng Peace Tours” is the focus of the Phase 1 Cambodia proof of concept project for Changing the Story.