Consolidation, Learning and Evaluation in Asia

The South East Asia Consolidated Learning project will work across a selection of the existing CTS portfolio of projects to draw out key lessons learnt, both in terms of theory and practice, maximise synergies across the CtS portfolio, identify key areas of impact of the wider project and define priorities for future work. The Consolidating Learning projects are also an opportunity for CTS to further engage CSO partners and stakeholders internationally, ensuring that our research remains relevant and applicable to their work longer-term.

The project will focus on Cambodia, Malaysia, Nepal, India , and the following CTS projects: The Anlong Veng Peace Tours, Participatory Arts for Health Improvement, Examining Interpretations of Civic National Values in Kenya and Nepal, Youth-led Social Enterprises in Malaysia, Contemporary Arts Making and Creative Expression in Cambodia, Building Inclusive and Sustainable Civil Society in Cambodia and Malaysia, and Tribal Education Methodology: Sustainable Education through Heritage and Performance.

The project will produce a critical review of the CTS projects in your region, drawing on existing project outputs from your region, such as critical reviews, toolkits, publications, grey literature, films and other creative outputs where relevant, as well as engaging directly with the individual projects; considering the way projects build on existing practice carried out by the CSOs involved and what this tells us about the role of CSOs in relation to youth engagement in civil society. The project will also develop and deliver a dissemination event designed for non-academic stakeholders and produce a briefing note for identified non-academic stakeholders relating to your findings.

Hear from project Principal Investigator, Sreenath Nair:

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