Youth Agency, Civic Engagement and Sustainable Development (Southern Africa)

The purpose of this proposed consolidation project is to establish and strengthen channels of engagement between youth, CSOs, NGOs, and other stakeholders within the region of Southern Africa. Using Zimbabwe and South Africa as case study countries, the project reconciles lessons learned from Changing the Story projects led in these countries. In doing so, the aim is to identify the cross-cutting issues that are significant in the region that work as either barriers or enabling factors for youth development. Consolidating the key learning themes from the five different projects will provide ideas for sustainable, inclusive, and participatory development for and with young people. To this end, the project will first review the individual projects to pull out common themes and key achievements, as well as challenges in each project. Then, we will bring together youth and stakeholders from each project to build cross-country cooperation and collaboration to develop an understanding of the regional dynamics of being a young person in the region. This collaboration will be embedded in a week-long workshop during which youth and NGOs will co-produce a documentary film that could speak for and to the region. This process will allow for collective and participatory engagement for dissemination and community development work, but also provide an overall account of the intersecting inequalities, potentials, and achievements in youth’s lives. The engagement will also contribute to ‘how-to-do’ guidelines and practice of building inclusive, youth-led civil societies. The film will be screened beyond the audience of academics and participating stakeholders. All stakeholders will receive copies of the film to showcase in their organisations and at events. The film will also be shared on various media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to allow for interdisciplinary engagement on the issues that the film will highlight:


Hear from the project team: Melis Cin (Co-Investigator), Tendayi Marovah (Co-Investigator), Joshua Chikozho (Batonga Community Museum, Zimbabwe CSO partner):


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