Mobilising Histories of Discrimination, Persecution & Genocide (May 2018)

Our joint inter-disciplinary, international workshop hosted at the Johannesburg Holocaust & Genocide Centre explored the use of film, drama and storytelling as mechanisms for confronting dark pasts, mobilising traumatic memory, and addressing continuing forms of inequality and injustice.

Changing the Story: The Anlong Veng Peace Tours (May 2018)

Delivered as part of Changing the Story’s Cambodia strand, the April 2018 Anlong Veng Peace Tours saw the first deployment of participatory film-making methods as a means for students to explore the stories of local residents and former Khmer Rouge.

Peace in a Small Scale (November 2017)

Prof. Alejandro Castillejo-Cuéllar (Changing the Story Co-I) presents his paper “Peace in a Small Scale: Colombia and the Social Imagination of the Future” as part of Changing the Story’s project launch at our “Voicing Hidden Histories” conference at University of Leeds.

That was nice, but so what? Participatory arts for sustainable development (August 2017)

Artists, activists, practitioners and academics speak about the opportunities and challenges of participatory arts in development. Filmed at our international seminar held as part of the GCRF ‘Voicing Hidden Histories’ project (Cooke, 2017).